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  • AMARON QUANTA 100AH-12V-12AL100N-SMF-VRLA Battery KSh24,800.00 Ex-VAT
    • Brand Amaron
    • Battery Model 12AL100
    • Battery Series Quanta
    • Battery Rating 100 AH
    • Battery Type SMF, VRLA ( Sealed Maintenance Free )
    • Warranty 24 Months
    • Nominal Voltage 12 Volts
    • Application of Usage Online UPS, Telecom
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  • Amaron Quanta 150AH SMF Battery – 12AL150 KSh34,800.00 Ex-VAT
    • Amaron 12V 150AH 12AL150
    • SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free)
    • Warranty-24 Months
    • 12 Volts
    • Meant for Online UPS, Telecom
    • Prolongs life.
    • Heavy-duty Lead alloy.
    • Thick, robust inter-cell connections
    • Imparts high reliability during service life.
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  • Amaron Quanta 65Ah SMF VRLA Battery KSh17,900.00 Ex-VAT
    • Higher Service Life from Patented heavy-duty lead alloy
    • More Power due to Unique “Radgrid” profile, giving extra power for the same AH capacity
    • Faster Charging Benefit of Patented “Instacharge” technology – paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance
    • Highly Reliable – Comes out of Amara Raja’s world-class manufacturing facility
    • Thick robust intercell connections
    • Low impedance path
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  • AMARON VRLA 12-12-12V,Battery KSh3,800.00 Ex-VAT
    • Performance Guaranteed Brand New, Factory Fresh 6 Month Warranty In Stock
    • AMARON Battery LP12-12 – 12V 12AH F2 Terminal Sealed Lead Acid AGM Battery
    • Warranty – 6 Month
    • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology
    • Use in UPS/Solar And More Instruments
    • A unique heavy-duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids, to increase cyclic life in tropical environments.
    • The rigid profile provides lower internal resistance and superior high-discharge performance.
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  • Amaron VRLA SMF Battery 12V 18AH KSh4,800.00 Ex-VAT

    • Easy handling
    • Uniform Flat surface
    • Requires less maintenance
    • Low power consumption
    • Best power backup

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  • Eastman 200Ah-12v Gel Maintenance Free Tall Tubular Solar Battery KSh40,000.00 Ex-VAT
    • Advanced Tubular Plate Technology.
    • Robust Tubular with High-Pressure diecasted spine- resulting in low rate of spine corrosion.
    • High Charge Efficiency
    • Spill Proof Vent plug – resulting in no spillage on top and low-controlled acid fumes.
    • Optimized Negative paste receipt for fast charge acceptance
    • Consistent backup throughout life
    • Excellent behavior in PSOC condition as compare
    • Low Self Discharge
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  • Exide Powersafe 9AH SMF Battery, Black KSh2,700.00 Ex-VAT
    • 9AH SMF Battery
    • The AGM construction gives superior cranking power and better resistance to vibration and hence makes this battery the most reliable in the market today
    • The permanently sealed VRLA battery comes factory-charged
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  • Gaston 12v 100ag Battery KSh26,000.00 Ex-VAT
    • Gaston is designed with AGM technology, high-performance plates, and electrolyte
    • The Gaston GT battery offers Sealed and maintenance-free operation
    • Enjoy Long Life Design and low self-discharge characteristics delivered by Gaston Batteries
    • Outstanding Compact structure, shock-proof & high specific energy design
    • Non-Spillable construction – ABS containers and covers
    • Safety valve installation for explosion-proof
    • High quality & high reliability
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  • Gaston 2v 400ah battery KSh24,000.00 Ex-VAT
    • Sealed and maintenance-free operation.
    • Non-Spillable construction design.
    • ABS containers and covers(UL94HB, UL94V-0) are optional.
    • Safety valve installation for explosion proof.
    • High quality and high reliability.
    • Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance.
    • Low self-discharge characteristic.
    • Flexibility design for multiple install positions.
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  • Gaston-12v-18ah Battery KSh6,000.00 Ex-VAT
    • Nominal Voltage-12
    • Nominal Capacity-18
    • Dimensions-L181- W77- H167
    • Weight-Kgs5.7
    • Model Description: Gaston GT12-18 Compatible Battery
    • Compatibility: GT12-18 (12V 18Ah battery with F3 Terminals)
    • Condition: New, Fresh Stock
    • Includes: (1) battery, a compatible replacement for the Gaston GT12-18
    • Warranty: 1-year full replacement warranty included
    • Life time expectancy: 3-5 years
    • Manufacturer: UPS Battery Center Ltd.
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