Trojan 24-GEL 77 Ah 12V Battery


  • Trojan 24-GEL 77 Ah 12V Battery

    Trojan 24-GEL 77 Ah 12V Battery


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      Trojan 24-GEL 77 Ah 12V Battery

      Trojan 24-GEL 77 Ah 12V Battery


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      Trojan 24-GEL 77 Ah 12V Battery

      Trojan Battery Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries. From deep-cycle flooded batteries to deep-cycle AGM and gel batteries, Trojan has shaped the world of deep-cycle battery technology with over 85 years of battery manufacturing experience. Trojan’s leadership and innovation prevail today in the global, deep-cycle markets spanning applications for golf, renewable energy, transportation, floor machines, aerial work platforms, and marine and recreational vehicles.

      Trojan batteries are available worldwide through our global network of master distributors. Headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., Trojan’s operations include ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing plants in California and Georgia and international offices located in Europe, UAE, and Asia.

      The Signature Line of deep-cycle flooded batteries is the flagship of Trojan’s product portfolio. Engineered to provide rugged durability and outstanding performance, Trojan’s Signature Line is perfectly suited for use in renewable energy systems where the lowest life-cycle cost is the key consideration.

      An all-around powerhouse, the Signature Line features Trojan’s historically proven engineering with T2 Technology, advanced battery technology for maximum sustained performance, longer life, and increased total energy. The combination of the Signature Line’s unique grid design and technology, advanced Maxguard T2 separator, and Trojan’s proprietary Alpha Plus Paste increases both the battery’s sustained capacity and total overall ampere-hours resulting in more operating power.

      Trojan 24-GEL 77 Ah 12V Battery Features

      • Safety: The calcium grid reduces gas emissions. Flame-arresting one-way pressure relief vent prevents buildup and is optimized for high power density.
      • Efficient: Low internal resistance for higher discharge current and higher charging efficiency.
      • Flexible: Maintenance-free design with optimum performance.

      Technical Data

      General Information
      Manufacturer: Trojan Battery
      Product Line:
      Gel Series
      Model ID:
      Certifications and Safety Ratings:
      Mechanical Data
      Technology: VRLA GEL
      9.64 x 7.51 x 10.65 inches
      Weight: 69.00 lbs
      Terminal Type:
      Case/Cover: Maroon/Grey
      Material: Polypropylene
      Watering: No Watering Required
      Operating Temperature: -20 to +45°C
      Self-Discharge: Less Than 3% per Month Depending on Storage Temperature Conditions
      Electrical Data
      5-Hr Rating: 66Ah
      10-Hr Rating: 72Ah
      20-Hr Rating: 77Ah
      100-Hr Rating: 85Ah
      100-Hr Rating: 1.02kWh
      Voltage: 12 Volt
      Charger Voltage Setting
      Absorption Charge: 14.1-14.7 @12V; 28.2-28.8 @24V; 42.3-43.2 @36V; 56.4-57.6 @48V
      Float Charge: 13.5 @12V; 27 @24V; 40.5 @36V; 54 @48V

      Product Specifications

      Weight 24kg
      Type VRLA GEL
      Voltage 12 Volts
      Ampere Hour Capacity (5-Hr Rate) 66
      Ampere Hour Capacity (20-Hr Rate)


      Ampere Hour Capacity (100-Hr Rate) 85
      Energy (100-Hr Rate) 1.02kWh
      Container/cover Polypropylene
      Dimensions 277x168x235mm
      Terminal Type DT Automotive Post & Stud Terminal

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